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5 Unique Ceiling Fans To Boost Your Home's Style
The old saying goes “the customer is always right.” If that's true, then ceiling fans have a bright future ahead of them. The ceiling fan market is expanding rapidly as consumer demand rises. Homeowners realize the benefits of ceiling fans are numerous. These benefits include boosting home value, saving you money, improving comfort, and more. One benefit rarely discussed, however, is how ceiling fans can elevate your home’s décor. With the right style of ceiling fan, a room is instantly transformed. Let's take a look at five unique ceiling fans below, and discuss how they could improve your home’s design.
What Is an Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan?
Any homeowner can attest to how expensive it is to run an air conditioner when it comes to cooling your home. Shockingly, air-conditioning accounts for nearly 12% of all home energy consumption on average. Needless to say, homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and save money, and that's where energy-efficient ceiling fans can help. Energy-efficient ceiling fans are more proficient at moving air around the rooms than standard ceiling fans, creating a pronounced "wind-chill" effect while also lowering humidity.
Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Ceiling Fans
A ceiling fan is a must-have for many homes. They can provide comfort, potentially reduce your energy bills, and add decorative flair. With multiple options to choose from, the selection process can be a bit overwhelming. To help you find the perfect fan for your space, we've put together this guide.
Smart Ceiling Fans: How They Work, Best Options, and Tips
Buying a smart ceiling fan may sound like a lavish splurge, but it can help keep your electricity bill down, make your life easier, and isn't as expensive as you'd think (some start as low as $449). Many homeowners are realizing the advantages of turning their houses into smart homes, automating redundant tasks — such as turning on and off ceiling fans — with the help of smart home technology. Here, we walk through everything you need to know about smart ceiling fans and how to choose the best fan for your home.
Do Low-Profile Ceiling Fans Work?
When searching for the perfect ceiling fan, you may be surprised to find how many different options are out there. You can find ceiling fans in a wide range of sizes and heights to best suit each and every room in your home. You may have thought a ceiling fan wasn’t an option for the rooms in your home that have low ceilings. On the contrary, there is a ceiling fan for every room, and low-profile ceiling fans are the perfect solution.
What Size Ceiling Fan Do You Need for Your Room?
Wondering what size fan you need for that special room in your home? Use this guide to see what sizes work well in all the rooms of your home!
What To Know Before Buying a Ceiling Fan for Your Bedroom
Your bedroom is your sanctuary; it's where you sleep, relax, and rejuvenate. You take the time to research and invest in things like your mattress, pillows, and anything else needed to ensure it's the coziest and comfiest space in your house. Choosing ceiling fans for bedrooms should be no different.
The Best Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings
Ceiling fans offer many benefits for every kind of room regardless of its size. They act as a decorative accent, improve comfort, and can even help you cut down on energy costs. With the standard ceiling height in homes today being nine feet, you need to confirm your ceiling fan is a good fit for your room before purchasing it. Read on to learn about the best ceiling fans for high ceilings and how to find your perfect match.
The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans
You may be wondering if an outdoor ceiling fan is a worthwhile investment. Outdoor ceiling fans are specifically designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Including a ceiling fan on your patio, porch, or lanai is a cost-effective, stylish way to increase your comfort and enjoy time spent outside.
4 Ceiling Fan Benefits You May Not Know
Before purchasing a ceiling fan, you may have a few questions. Are ceiling fans in style? Are they worth the investment? Do ceiling fans use a lot of electricity? The list goes on. Both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans offer many advantages. Continue reading to learn four facts about ceiling fans and how they can benefit you.

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